Logistical solutions for conditioned transport

IKV Holland BV is a family business that is concerned with providing qualitatively high-end service, primarily in the sector of conditioned transports.

IKV Holland BV distinguishes itself through its customer- and service-oriented practices. Each day, IKV Holland works towards the maximum scores in terms of service standards, delivery, reliability and communication. IKV Holland BV aims to unburden you in the broadest sense of the word; an ethos all our employees adhere to. Once your delivery has been completed, you will receive an email or, upon request, phones call as proof of delivery with all of the pertinent information about your delivery, whether it concerns a small box or the cargo of an entire trailer. At IKV Holland, you are always up to date regarding the position of your goods. Our fleet is efficient, clean and state-of-the-art. Currently, IKV Holland BV works with lorry/trailer combinations, equipped with double dampers and partitioning walls for multi-temperature transports. Various trailers have been equipped with a roller bed system for air cargo. In addition, IKV Holland has truck/trailer combinations that are ideally suited for the transport of flowers and plants. IKV Holland BV can use these combinations to load 49 CC containers, offering an expanded loading capacity to their customers.

IKV Holland BV primarily works with Dutch drivers, who are all capable of communicating effectively and solving problems, should they arise, in cooperation with our customers and on location.

IKV Holland BV’s office personnel is at the ready 24/7 and able to support any logistical challenges at any moment.

IKV Holland is an experienced transporter of flowers, plants, fish, meat, vegetables and fruit, but also high-end goods, medicine and cosmetics.

We transport your goods with passion, care and precision, and ensure the correct delivery of your products, right to your customer’s doorstep.

By consistently and accurately tracking their lorries, IKV Holland BV remains one step ahead of potential problems. And should delivery problems arise, IKV Holland BV solves them in advance, through direct and fast communication with the customer.

Anybody can drive from one location to another. Providing logistical solutions and offering complete service from the loading station to our customer’s doorstep is our passion, and something we have made into a higher art form.

“We are an extension of our customers’ quality standards, and we’re quite proud of that!”

Our logistics services


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