IKV Holland is also exceptionally equipped to deal with the transport of temperature-controlled foodstuffs. We deliver to the right location, at the right time, and at the right temperature. At IKV Holland, your conditioned foods are always in the right hands.

We work under HACCP conditions, possess knowledge of your product, know what can and cannot be combined and always ensure maximum hygiene. As such, we always make sure that the car that arrives at your door and your customer’s door is clean, and that you are always kept up to date of the position of your goods. Additionally, we consistently send an email or – upon request – make a telephone call after a received shipment with the exact delivery time and date of your foods.

Both fresh and frozen foodstuffs can be transported by IKV Holland. Our entire international fleet can transport products of varying temperatures, due to our double dampers and the partitioning walls that we use. This allows for a range of food combinations in one delivery, thus improving the efficiency of our service and the competitiveness of the prices at which we can offer our services.

Ask for a non-binding proposal, and allow yourself to be surprised by the options we provide.