Pharma transport

Following years of experience transporting pharmaceutical products, IKV Holland is capable of guaranteeing the transport of your goods in the right condition and at the right temperature. Trailers with double dampers allow the transport of goods at different temperatures. An intricate tracking system keeps us up to date of the location of your goods. Herein, safety and temperature control are of paramount importance.

IKV Holland knows what is important for the transport of pharmaceutical products and has, over a period of years, grown into an authority in the sector. IKV Holland treats and guards your goods as though they are their own. Due to the growing demand for transport safety, temperature control and positional knowledge of high-end pharmaceutical products, IKV Holland has deepened their knowledge and specialisation in this area.

Consequently, your mind can be at ease when working with IKV Holland for the transport of your goods. You are informed via email or telephone when your products have been delivered. Your pharmaceutical products are in reliable hands.

Ask for a non-binding proposal, and allow yourself to be surprised by the options we provide.